Discover Our Sailing Club’s Reimagined Identity

Belmont 16s Sailing Club is proud to announce a comprehensive rebranding initiative, marking the first of its kind in 25 years. This rebranding reflects the club’s ongoing commitment to innovation while honouring its rich heritage and is delivered in line with our $20 Million + redevelopment.

The new brand identity sees a return to the Clubs full name of Belmont 16s Sailing Club from other previously shortened versions and introduces a modern twist to the club’s legacy, featuring a redesigned logo that artfully blends a contemporary rendition of our reimaged original burgee flag, symbolising both our proud sailing history and our progressive vision.

In line with our commitment to our heritage, our new brand colours are inspired by the original palette from 1922 and are harmoniously blended with the natural hues of the stunning Lake Macquarie environment. This fusion of history and nature embodies the club’s essence and its deep connection to the local community and its surroundings.

Another significant aspect of our rebranding is the introduction of new uniforms for our staff of over 200. These uniforms have been meticulously designed to reflect a contemporary nautical feel, resonating with our core identity as a sailing club. The new attire not only revitalises our team’s appearance but also reinforces our commitment to professionalism and excellence in service while being setting appropriate.

Belmont 16s Sailing Club’s rebranding is more than just a visual transformation: it’s a recommitment to our values, members, and the broader community. We are excited to embark on this new chapter and continue to be a beacon of community, sport, and exceptional hospitality on the beautiful shores of Lake Macquarie.

Join us in celebrating this momentous milestone as we set sail into a future filled with promise, maintaining our status as a premier destination for sailing, dining, and entertainment.

What is a Burgee?

burgee is a distinguishing flag, regardless of its shape, of a recreational boating organisation. In most cases, they have the shape of a pennant. Sailing clubs like ours and their members may fly their club’s burgee on land or on a vessel on the water.

Did you know..?

  • You will never see our burgee logo pointing down, traditionally a burgee pointing down signifies a vessel in distress.
  • Our core burgee colours are navy and gold, colours that were picked in 1922 by our founding fathers of Belmont Sailing Club
  • Our reimagined burgee is a modernised version of our traditional burgee and involved a reconfiguration of the lettering and the addition of the “EST 1922” that represents as a flag pole.

Racing Flags

As a way to honour the history of our founding sailors along with our present sailing community a line-work pattern has been developed derived of directional and informational flags that directly relate to our skiff sailing. Subtle hints of this supporting pattering are nested into various aspects of our Clubscape through signage and digital platforms.

Each of these patterns is made up of 25 individual sailing flag indicators, when displayed solo and with specified colours these flags represent important indicators to our sailors on the water ranging from directions through to possible course challenges


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