Young Belmont 16s Sailors Make Waves

Noah Steenson and Joel Beashel Shine in Sailing Achievements

At just 16 years old, Noah Steenson and Joel Beashel have made headlines in the sailing world with their extraordinary achievements. Noah recently made history as the youngest skipper ever to clinch the 16ft Skiff Yearly Pointscore Championship. Competing against seasoned sailors with decades of experience, Noah and his crew displayed unparalleled consistency, completing every race across Club, State, and National levels. His journey began at age six at the Belmont 16ft Sailing Club, progressing through various classes to become a standout in the 16ft Skiff class.

Joel Beashel, equally impressive at 16, boasts a string of victories in different boat classes. From securing the Flying Ant Nationals title twice to winning the Optimist Nationals and triumphing at the Flying 11 and 29er Nationals, Joel’s talent and determination shine through. He also holds the distinction of being the youngest skipper to win the prestigious 16ft Skiff Club Championship.

Their achievements underscore the vibrant junior sailing community at Belmont 16ft Sailing Club. The past season witnessed a surge in young sailors joining the competitive 16ft skiff fleet, with Noah, Joel, and their peers leading the charge. These juniors have not only competed but excelled, proving their mettle in a challenging environment.

Noah and Joel’s success extends beyond the racecourse. Both are actively involved in mentoring younger sailors, contributing to the growth and spirit of sailing at Belmont 16ft Sailing Club. Their dedication and passion inspire others to pursue their sailing dreams, fostering a supportive and thriving community.

As these young sailors continue to make waves, their journey serves as a testament to talent, perseverance, and the bright future of sailing at Belmont and beyond. Join us in celebrating Noah Steenson, Joel Beashel, and the next generation of champions making their mark on the water!

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