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Centenary Project

UPDATE – August 2022

It has been hard to miss the massive bright yellow 90 tonne crane hanging over the Club during the first week of August.

The crane was brought in to lift out the old external staircase that had connected the back deck to the first floor function deck.

After this was completed, it began craning in new steel to create the form work for the new first floor footprint and ground floor dining space extension.

Just getting the crane in and up is time a consuming task, preparation is everything. Once the crane was ready to go it was all slow, steady and precision from the crane operators using radio’s to direct every slight movement. Below are a few images of these moments



UPDATE – July 2022

After six weeks of demolition in the ground floor areas, incorporating the Sails and Salt dining space along with the adjacent deck as well as the first floor function areas with our function deck, extending out to our sailing office is nearly complete.

During this process, equipment including remote controlled robotic drills and enormous concrete saws were used to create space for one of the two sets of staircases that will connect the ground floor to the first floor.

As the dust is settling so to speak we are now preparing the next steps of construction, which is a detailed orientated task. The Graph Building team have moved their site office from the Clubs upper floors to now be located near the loading dock to make way for this preparation.

Here are a few shots from the past four weeks!



UPDATE June 2022

Our hoardings are up and the sails have come down!

We thought our Members would like regular sneak peeks of the current construction works and the process we are undertaking to create Your new Club!

Demolition in stage one commenced late May and we are so excited to share a some imagery of what these initial stages looked like.

Below you will see that the first few weeks saw us stripping soft furnishings, pulling out carpets, ceiling fixtures and deck tiles as well as removing the dining area front windows.


What’s next ?

We will be focusing on cutting out the passageway for stairs that will connect the first and ground floor  with the use of robots and massive oversized blades. We will be sure to share these next pictures with you soon!




By Winter of 1922, nearing the start of the sailing season, the Club had attracted 50 members.

And had arranged for several new boats to be built in anticipation. The Reid’s ( Original Board Members )  purchased the then current  State Champion 16ft skiff, ‘Arlene’. Just 10 days before the first race, the very first programme for the season was completed.

The season opening would be a handicap race on Saturday 7 October 1922

An advertisement placed in the Newcastle Herald proclaimed opening day; inviting
entries for the club’s first race.

The start was set for 3:15 pm and the prizes on offer were: 1st place – £12, 2nd place £6 and 3rd place £2. The first prize of £12, was a significant sum in 1922.  For many, first prize
would have been a month’s wages!

Pictured above is the “Arlene”. one of the very first skiffs purchased for the Belmont Sailing Club

Who were the Original Board Members?

During a meeting on 14th July 1922  it was announced that a chairman was elected, Mark C. Reid (Club President) and that his older brother John C Reid accepted the role of Patron to the club.

The Reid brothers were prominent Newcastle businessmen. John being the former Mayor of Newcastle and Mark a former Alderman on Newcastle Council. The family company, ‘John Reid Pty Ltd’, acted as a shipping agency responsible for much of the trade in and out of Newcastle Harbour. Complementing this role, was John C Reid, who was well known as the French Consul in Newcastle, responsible for the welfare of French Sailors visiting the port. The Reid’s were well connected politically, their uncle being Sir George Houston Reid, fourth Prime Minister of Australia from 1904 to 1905 .

In addition to the Reid brothers, present at the meeting were Mr. Howard Ash, manager of the building supply firm, Fredc Ash Pty Ltd, Mr. James Parker, Mr. Henry Turnbull, Mr. S Rayfield, Mr. George Johnson (Club Treasurer) and Mr. Albert Smith (Club Secretary).


The original Commodore and Board Members created the inaugural sailing handbook in 1922 ahead of it’s first race. Several “innovated”  guidelines where introduced in our first ever “Book of Rules” including the introduction of crew uniforms and numbering skiffs to make it easier for spectators to identify each skiff from shore while they race. This document also outlined that the Belmont Sailing Clubs Burgee would be blue triangle flag with a yellow cross, a design we still hold to this day.

This is Albert Smith of Marks Point. He was the initiator of the advertisement (pictured further below) placed in the Newcastle Sun in 1922, where he promoted a meeting in regards to the formation of  a sailing club in Belmont. After approved and established,  Albert served as the original secretary for the Belmont Sailing Club.

13 May 1922 – The first meeting of Members

An advertisement was placed in the ‘Newcastle Sun’ Wednesday 3 May 1922. Under the heading ‘Belmont Sailing Club’ and read:

‘PERSONS interested in the formation of a SAILING CLUB at Belmont are requested to attend a
Meeting to be held in the Belmont School of Arts, SATURDAY 13TH INST., at 8 p.m.

A young man from Marks’ Point named Albert Smith was listed as Promoter.

It was this meeting on May 13 1922 that it was decided that the formation of our sailing Club would move forward. The meeting was a success!

The ‘Newcastle Sun’ included a brief column the following day, extolling the value of forming a sailing club in Belmont.
‘The movement in the direction of forming a sailing club for Belmont is worthy of all commendation. The township has got the boats, the men, and every advantage for the promotion of aquatic sport. The meeting convened to be held in the Literary Institute on Saturday night should be well attended.’
The initial decision was to start a sailing club at Belmont under Port Jackson sailing
skiff rules. Eight skiffs committed to compete with the club. Work began immediately on fundraising.



The significance of our Centenary year was not lost when selecting the annual membership card design for 2022.

The chosen image, unanimously voted for by The Board depicts three of the seven vessels that entered the very first Club race “Opening Day Race”.

The Opening Day Race held on Saturday 7 October 1922, was document as having a total of seven entries 16ft Skiff with the Starter commencing the race day on time from the west end of Macquarie Street Belmont with the course heading south towards Marks Point.

Crossing the finish line first was “Clift” skippered by Jim Parker, followed by “Aeneas” just 2.5 minutes later. Interestingly while all Skiffs used their “extra’s” ( i.e Spinnaker or Ballooner ) third place was secured by “ Linnet” who’s spinnaker was carried away, leaving her to rely on only her jib for much of the race.


Belmont Sailing Club Opening Day Race , 7 October 1922 16ft Skiff Placing first “Clift” in the foreground– Clubs Archives


The Belmont 16s Club house hasn’t always held it’s current iconic footprint on the shores of Belmont Bay. In fact, the very first Belmont 16s Club house was build in the 1920’s in a different location, a little further south east on Brooks Parade.

This original building held a proud place over the waterfront for almost 30 years . The official opening of this Club house  was on Saturday 6 October 1923 pictured below.

Originally established in 1922 as the ‘Belmont Sailing Club’, Belmont 16s has iconic status in Lake Macquarie. In present day, Belmont 16s is one of the largest clubs in the Hunter Region as well as the leading 16ft Skiff sailing club in Australia.

Here is a look at our evolving “Clubscape” over the past 100 years!




Belmont 16s is a nationally recognised sailing club and the leading provider of membership, dining and entertainment in the heart of Lake Macquarie. Originally established in 1922 as the ‘Belmont Sailing Club’, Belmont 16s has iconic status in Lake Macquarie. In present day, Belmont 16s is one of the largest clubs in the Hunter Region as well as the leading 16ft Skiff sailing club in Australia.

Trading since 1958 as a licensed Club, the 16s has continued to develop exceptional club facilities for the benefit of members and the broader community. Recognised as a leading dining and entertainment provider of the Hunter, the Club has hosted some of the most memorable live gigs Newcastle music fans have witnessed over the years.

The Club currently features 3 walk-up bars and 5 dining outlets on ground level with a range of cocktail areas and alfresco lounges, a tucked away play area for children and a sweeping deck on the water boasting 180-degree views of Lake Macquarie.

Upstairs you will find a large auditorium and 3 function suites with unrivalled views, catering to in-demand concerts and ticketed shows as well as weddings, corporate events, private celebrations and community fundraisers. The first floor function centre was refurbished in 2016.

Belmont 16s features disabled access to all areas of the Club including an elevator and bathrooms as well as a parents room facility.

Belmont 16s are active participants and proud sponsors of the local community, offering substantial financial donations and in-kind support for local schools, sporting teams, charities and other community organisations.

Offering casual dining in a fun lakeside setting, Belmont 16s is the ideal location for family get-togethers, coffee dates and catching up with friends. Belmont 16s is currently open 10am  7 days a week, 365 days of the year.

Our next development is scheduled to commence in mid 2022, our Centenary Year. And it looks to be our most impressive progression yet.



Dress Regulations

To maintain the high standards offered by our Club and to ensure an enjoyable and comfortable experience for everyone, we request patrons abide by our dress regulations.

The following items are not permitted at any time – bare feet, swimwear, dirty work clothing or boots, male underwear style singlets, rude or offensive clothing, hoodies, dirty sportswear, provocative or revealing clothing and gang colours or insignia.

Appearance must be clean, neat and tidy at all times. Management’s decision is final in all matters relating to dress regulations.

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Responsible Service of Alcohol

The safety of our staff, members and guests is our first priority. We take the responsible service of alcohol seriously and encourage responsible drinking at all times. Management reserve the right to refuse patrons who are showing signs of intoxication.

Minors are permitted entry to the Club when accompanied by a responsible adult only and must remain in the immediate company of the responsible adult at all times.


Belmont 16s is committed to the ClubSAFE initiative to promote the responsible conduct of gaming. For more information contact the Club or call Gambling Help on 1800 858 858. Gambling Help is a free and confidential counselling service available 24/7.

Board of Directors

BERRYMAN, David President
GRIFFITHS, James Commodore
WATERS, Mathew
WATERS, Mathew Vice Commodore
BEEBY, Scott
BEEBY, Scott Sailing Director
CORKE, Craig
CORKE, Craig Sailing Director
HOWARD, Richard
HOWARD, Richard Sailing Director
BENSON, Alan Director
EDWARDS, Garry Director
GRAY, Allen
GRAY, Allen Director


Belmont 16s is a leading hospitality provider of the Hunter and Lake Macquarie regions and offers significant career opportunities.

We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service, and understand the foundation for this is a happy, safe and friendly work environment for our Staff. As such the Club is committed to providing our staff with excellent conditions, benefits, training and development opportunities.

Our mission is to consistently deliver an exceptional social and leisure experience to our customers, so if you have a passion for delivering exceptional customer service and would like to be part of our dynamic team then we would love to hear from you!

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Our conditions of entry have recently changed due to the Australian & NSW Governments COVID Safe policies. Please familiarise yourself with these terms before coming to the Club.

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