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Completion of this form does not guarantee a storage position – please refer to the Club’s “Boatshed Storage Policy” (below or here) before completing this form.

If we are unable to provide you with storage, you will be refunded in full.

Note: If you are unable to pay via credit or debit card, please email sailing@16s.com.au for alternative options.

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The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance for the storage of private boats and equipment at Belmont 16ft Sailing Club, the process for application for space and the conditions under which private boats and other equipment will be stored.

The boat shed storage area provides storage for the following racing classes sailed at the Club:

  • Pelicans
  • Flying Elevens
  • O’pen Skiff
  • Cherubs
  • Lasers
  • 16ft Skiffs

The boat shed is also used for the storage of Sailability, Club owned Pelicans, Club training and support vessels and B16ftSC may retain unallocated storage spaces or change storage spaces and will have absolute discretion as to which boats are allocated storage spaces.

The Clubs storage facilities are often at maximum capacity and allocation of space needs to be selective due to the limited storage space available.

The boat shed is an important asset of the Club and is managed by the Sailing Committee and the Sailing Manager.


The Club provides boat shed storage for active sailing members. To apply for a position in the Boat Shed the club will consider the following criteria:

  • Paid up financial member. (For junior sailors, both the sailor and one parent or guardian shall be financial)
  • Participation in Club activities (e.g., elected class official, Rescue Craft Volunteer)
  • Completion of Boatshed Storage Application & agreement for current sailing season/ year.
  • Payment of Storage Fees
  • Sailing activity; the boat must sail in at least 75% of scheduled club racing for its Class.

All applications for space to store boats will be considered in accordance with the criteria set out within this policy and, if the shed is at capacity, will go on a waiting list held by the Sailing Manager. Applicants who had a boat sailing the previous season at the Club, in a class more junior than the class that storage is currently being applied for, will automatically join the waiting list above any applicants who have not had a boat sailing at the Club the previous season. Any new or waiting list boats being offered a storage place for the upcoming season will be advised in writing.


Allocation of space will be by the Sailing Manager in consultation with the Sailing Committee.

All owners of boats in club boatshed must adhere to the following rules:

  • The owner stores their boat at their own risk.
  • Any boat stored in the Club’s storage area which does not compete in 75% of Club Races or does not start in five (5) consecutive races or constantly fails to start without the owner submitting sufficient reason in writing to the Sailing Manager may automatically be removed from the storage area after a notice has been posted to the owner’s address as shown on the Club’s records.
  • B16ftSC may require the owner to remove their boats at any time and may terminate any storage agreement at any time without notice.
  • No boat shall be placed in any storage area at the Club without first submitting a current season boatshed application form and paying the Storage fee to the Sailing Manager. Boats that have not completed a Boatshed storage application and agreement for the current Sailing Season by the 31st August each year, may be removed at the discretion of the Sailing Committee.
  • Boats will be allocated a specific bay and rack. Boat owners must use the rack allocated to them to store their boat. On application, members can nominate which rack they prefer however this does not guarantee approval of the rack space. Certain racks may be over-subscribed. In this instance, allocations will be as per the Eligibility criteria (as noted above).
  • Boats allocated a space in the Boatshed shall display a current season Boatshed sticker which will be provided for the boat and mast upon allocation of rack and payment of storage fees. Each rack will be labelled with the Boat Owner’s name, registered boat name and/ or registered sail number.
  • 16ft Skiffs shall only store necessary equipment i.e two masts per skiff. Two mast racks will be allocated per 16ft skiff, all masts must display a current season Boatshed sticker.
  • B16ftSC reserves the right to move a boat to any other location within the boundaries of the storage shed either temporarily or permanently without consultation with the owner.
  • In the event of a boat changing ownership, the new owner will not have any claim on the accommodation.
  • A current owner intending to obtain a new boat may retain his right to storage space, provided a new application form is completed.
  • Boats and or equipment must not be stored outside the allocated storage space. B16ftSC may dispose of boats or equipment left outside the allocated storage space as it sees fit. All equipment must be kept in boat or allocated rack.
  • The owner must keep the storage space allocated to them clean and tidy.
  • All boats to be stored in racks with no boats left on the floor impeding walkways. No boats are to be stored in the Boatshed corridor sections, boats left in the aisle may be removed from the shed and stored in an outside storage area.
  • Fire Exits and Fire Fighting Equipment must be always kept clear.

Only the following classes are permitted to apply for storage.

  • Pelicans
  • Flying Elevens
  • O’pen Skiff
  • Cherubs
  • Lasers
  • 16ft Skiffs

The storage of any other vessel is not permitted at any time.

Storage fees – $400 incl. GST (payable on application)

If all the Boatshed Rules are adhered to and the boat completes at least 75% participation the storage fee will be refunded in full. This includes if boats are to be found left in the aisleways the refund will not be granted.

If a boat owner who has been notified that they are in breach of the Rules by the Sailing Manager, fails to remove their boat, B16ftSC may give the owner written notice requiring the removal of the non-compliant boat. Any notice will be posted to the owner’s address as shown on the Club’s records. If not removed within the time specified [28 days], Bl6ftSC may have the boat moved to an outdoor area and a further notice will be posted. If not removed from the outdoor area within the time specified [6 months], B16ftSC may dispose of the boat in accordance with the Uncollected Goods Act.

(incl. GST)