Richard Clapton - Belmont 16s

Richard Clapton

His live shows are famous for their wild energy, re-living the raw pub-rock delirium and passion for great live music in, as Richard says, “the party that never ends”. Songs like ‘Capricorn Dancer’ and ‘Lucky Country’ remind us of the ‘Best Years Of Our Lives’, capturing the essence of a time we all fondly remember. His performances take us back there so we can re-live it all again.

From his debut album Prussian Blue to his most recent House Of Orange, Richard has shown he is an astute social observer and an incisive songwriter, an artist with an astonsihing breadth of work that both excites us and reflects us. And, like Cold Chisel, Midnight Oil and Skyhooks, the live shows are about having a great time with the music – and a night you’ll never forget.

Please note that doors open at 6:30pm for Dinner & Show and at 7:45pm for Show Only ticket holders.

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