Norm Bakker presents Elvis - Belmont 16s

The Elvis experience started for Norm Bakker many years ago when a sound engineer heard Norm sing at a major Sydney venue and suggested he do an Elvis show, as his on-stage antics and looks were surprisingly similar.

So commenced a new production called A Solid Rock Salute to Elvis.  Even though Norm had been singing for a number of years prior, this was one big challenge but nevertheless a dream come true to be able to perform a tribute to his idol the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Elvis Presley.

Even from its debut Norm Bakker slotted into the part of Elvis with ease and this was due to the fact that Norm’s personality allows him to strive only for perfection.  Of course there are many impersonators and Norm insists that his show either as a full production or as a solo guest appearance is a tribute to Elvis and not an imitation.  Norm is determined to perform an interpretation that Elvis fans will enjoy.

Make no mistake, Norm has the finesse and expertise to entertain any audience whether or not they are ardent fans, but most are converted fans after his performance.

The show has taken Norm to many places overseas and he has performed in many major clubs, nightclubs, interstate and international hotel chains and on TV, as well as in radio.

You might ask, “what makes a Solid Rock Salute to Elvis so magical?”  Well … it is because Norm doesn’t try to be Elvis; his warm generous, personality and sincerity to his audience makes this show stand out from others and as Norm says:  “there is only one Elvis and in our lifetime there will be no other like him”.

Elvis Presley’s biggest fan is Norm Bakker, adorned in fabulous costumes, bringing the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll back to life by performing his ultimate tribute “A Solid Rock Salute to Elvis” with all his biggest hits!