Loko - Belmont 16s

With a generation of musical experience between them, this is an act to please all musical tastes.

These musicians have played in respected local bands such as Night Shift, Radio GaGa, Street Legal, Chosen Few, First Degree, Idol Motion, Your Move, Incognito, Roadhouse & Alcatraz, to name just a few, and all are well known mem- bers of the music scene in Newcastle.

From 80’s pop rock, to current hits, these guys have all the music to get the crowd up on the dance floor. This is a group that has the ability to satisfy any crowd and guarantees a good time. And now LOKO are available as a trio and a four piece band, so whatever the occasion, from pub, club, private function or corporate event, LOKO can satisfy ALL needs.

Dave Burgess : Lead Vocals

Dave has been frontman for local bands Chosen Few, Your Move, Radio GaGa, Roadhouse, Street Legal, Incognito, Nite Shift & Midas

Darren Campbell : Bass Guitar and Backing Vocals

Darren has been part of the local music scene for the last 30 years and has played in bands such as Idol Motion, Chosen Few, Roadhouse & Alcatraz

Mark Webster : Lead & Rhythm Guitar and Backing

Vocals Mark has poured more than 30 years into the scene through bands such as Small Toys, Fabba, Stark Raving Mad and Incognito. Performance, fun and interaction have always been an integral part of the acts Mark has been involved in.

Rob Brollo : Drums and Backing Vocals

Rob has been an integral part of the Newcastle music scene for 30 years and his solid grooves and whit have been seen in band such as Idol Motion, Your Move, Haz Bins, Rock OZ to name a few.