Hayden Johns live in the Boat Shed - Belmont 16s

Hayden Johns

Hayden has been playing in the music industry for the last 20 years.With experience playing multiple instruments, including guitar and drums, Hayden has gained a solid reputation amongst his peers as a professional musician.He began to move into the Novocastrian music scene 13 years ago, playing with local original bands such as Polymorphia – who supported Australian band Little Birdy on their national tour and received radio air play – and Mornings Eleven

This experience honed Hayden′s song-writing talents, and soon after he began to explore the covers scene, playing local gigs with other solo musicians and making his way around Australia gigging.Hayden has featured in Newcastle-based covers acts Granite Revolution and Ninemile / Ninemile Duo, which developed strong fanbases over the years.Now Hayden is performing in solo format, incorporating his talents on guitar, vocals, stomp box and harmonies – as a solo player he delivers a large, layered sound that is more like a full band than a soloist!

Hayden′s song list ranges from the 60′s to now, covering artist such as U2, ACDC, Bryan Adams, Mumford and Sons, Bon Jovi, Crowded House, Keith Urban, Dragon, Lynard Skynard, Powerfinger, Tracey Chapman, Tonic, Queen, Blink 182, Screaming Jets, Michael Jackson, Ice House, Kings of Leon, INXS, Rolling Stones, Fletwood Mac, Green Day and loads more.Come and check out Hayden′s show for some great tunes and a professional performance.