Cruzers - Belmont 16s

Cruzers deliver musical diversity like few others. Dedication to providing a consistent performance visually and aurally is the reason CRUZERS are continually requested by venues and have built up a solid fan base that follow them wherever they go. Their repertoire encompasses songs from past & present and their passion for learning new material allows the band to constantly turn over songs from all eras.

Lead vocalist Dario Rossi is extremely well known and respected. He fronted one of the most popular groups ever to emerge from this city, BARON. Dario brings a tremendous singing voice, an infectious personality and a great perceptiveness to the band. He is energetic on stage and easily relates to the audience. Dario’s sense of what is right for the occasion contributes greatly to the band’s reputation of giving the people what they want, when they want it.

Drummer Chris Mudge keeps them all together. Chris has a well deserved reputation for being a solid dynamic drummer you can’t take your eyes off…for one reason or another! Chris is always ready to do a gig and make it his best one yet. Keyboardist Sergio Rossi played along side his brother Dario in Baron and brings to the stage an energy and outstanding musical ability that includes sound effects that enhance every performance. His keyboard skills are well respected by other musicians and his extensive keyboard collection including a keytar in every colour imaginable brings a flair to the group.

Bass player Heath Sketchley once described as more thumb than man, has proven himself to know his way around those 5 strings, with a wealth of experience playing around the state with Studio 4, The Dan Granero Trio, Rob Cass and The Cosmic Cowboys, Juicy Fruit, Shivoo and Cruzers. You can be sure the bass man knows how to get the room grooving.

Duane McCool, lead Guitarist and latest edition to Cruzers, has been playing guitar for many years and has spent a lot of that time, playing in Newcastle cover bands. Cruzers are the latest and greatest entertainment machine Duane has embarked upon and he and the band are ready to raise the bar in music entertainment for Newcastle venues and audiences. Duane has played guitar with many local bands including I Go Bang, 7th Heaven, Assassin and Anvil Chorus. Duane brings many years of experience, a fresh outlook and a need to exceed to Cruzers and is looking forward to rocking a venue near you soon.

CRUZERS give people what they want to hear…great songs from the past to present years from different genres that you can sit back and just enjoy listening to or jump on the dance floor and dance the night away. They have a very extensive repertoire that can be played at a moment’s notice, which is impressive. So, come along and see what all the fuss is about and enjoy all timeless hits as well as current material all this and more!