Belmont 16s kicks off the RUN DPIG SWIM CHALLENGE with $5k! | Belmont 16s

Local pioneering cancer researcher Dr Matt Dun will lead a squad of swimmers to tackle a 20km relay in the iconic Merewether Ocean Baths to raise funds for research into the terminal cancer that claimed his young daughter. Dr Dun and his wife lost Josie, 4, in December 2019, almost two years after she was diagnosed with the brain stem cancer Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG). Founding the charity RUN DIPG became a vehicle for their network of family, friends, and supporters to raise funds for DIPG research via running, hiking, cycling, paddling, dancing, and swimming events.

RUN DIPG is committed to raising awareness, advocating for improved clinical outcomes and financially supporting DIPG/DMG research to reduce the suffering of DIPG patients, their families and the communities supporting those affected by the devastating childhood cancer.

On Sunday 7 February 2021, Dr Dun will lead 10 swimmers in an inaugural swimming event with the 20km target being quite symbolic: 1km will be swum for each child who is diagnosed and who will die from DIPG in Australia each year.

“It is the first major swim event that I have participated in and we hope the wider community will throw its support behind us and our RUNDIPG family and community,” Dr Dun said.

Belmont 16s is supporting this charity by kicking in $5k to the cause and will be the venue where the team will celebrate after the swim challenge.

Members are encouraged to come and meet the swimmers on the afternoon of Sunday 7 February, where they can purchase a commemorative event tee shirt and learn about the research needed for those and their families who are battling this disease.

For more information, to pre order a event tee shirt or to donate to this swim challenge head to

Or contact the RUN DIPG team on at or to donate to RUNDIPG directly click through to their website here